Communities & Identities

(Needs work)

These are some of the communities I've felt connected to in my adult life, and identities that I've taken on along the way:


One Nation Party USA, Independent National Union, Mycelium Network

Game B x metamodernism x systems change

Aniwa x medicine community

Impact x social business e.g. Nexus, Zebras Unite

North Oakland Shtetl x queer community

Luminous Awareness Institute

Burning Man

Wisdom 2.0 / TransTech / Consciousness Hacking

Humane Tech / Digital Wellness

Silicon Valley

CouchSurfing / Digital Nomad / Ex-pat

NYC nightlife x NotSomeKid

Boston / NY / SF startup scene

UPenn / Wharton / ZBT


Visionary / leader / creator

Activist / rainbow warrior

Triple H (Hippie Hacker Hipster)

Bridge weaver / super connecter

Social entrepreneur / technologist / app developer

Community builder

Jewish Renewalist-ish / Jewbu

Queer / Two Spirit / Genderfluid / Gender playful

Wayfinder / guide / teacher / mentor

Transformational travel agent

Social alchemist