36 Questions To Fall In Love [With Your Life]

36 Questions To Fall In Love [With Your Life]

Twist on the famous 36 Questions That Lead To Love. Email andrewmurraydunn@gmail.com with feedback, questions, or interest in integration support.


  1. Set aside at least one to two hours, ideally on Saturday or Sunday
  2. Choose how you would like to view and answer the questions. You may print questions below and write the answers, copy/paste them into a separate Doc and type the answers, or view on phone/desktop on airplane mode and think about the answers.
    1. Consider listening to the questions in this guided audio flow via Autopilot
  3. Pack a bag with a journal, water, snack
  4. Walk outdoors to a nature spot, or somewhere indoors where you feel calm
  5. Take some deep breaths - meditate for a few minutes if that is part of your practice
  6. Read and answer each question one by one. Spend at least a couple of minutes on each, ideally five or more.
  7. Respond with the first things that comes to mind. Tell the truth!
    1. Note A: You may not be able to answer every question fully right now. Consider the remainder = your HW for the class that really counts. No rush. Some people spend a lifetime trying to answer them, or never ask themselves at all.
    2. Note B: These are big questions. Some may bring up emotions. Be gentle with yourself. Breathe. Think of somebody you trust that you can speak to about uncomfortable things that may surface. It’s a challenging and overwhelming time. Ask for help, accept help. Don't shame yourself for any habits that are bringing you comfort right now. Your feelings are valid. You are loved.
  8. See Next Steps at the bottom of this page
  9. Live your life!


  1. How is your breathing right now? How is your posture? Check in with your body. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Take your biggest of the day.
  2. Who are you, really? Who are you becoming? What does your life stand for? How do you feel about that? What at the end of your life do you want to say you fulfilled?
  3. What are you questioning these days? At the personal, institutional, and collective levels.
  4. What aspects of your life feel out of balance? Mental Health, Physical Health, Romance, Fun, Personal Growth, Career, Finances, Family, Community, Spirituality. How do you feel about that? What would you like to work on this season? Who can support you?
  5. What lessons has COVID taught you? What has shifted in your life? What learnings do you want to incorporate into your life? How do you want to be in the world and with the world?
  6. What stories, habits, and people are no longer serving you? What can you let go of? What new actions can you take?
  7. What have you been avoiding? Where do you feel out of integrity? Is there anything you need to clear? Who can you forgive?
  8. What is in the way of you experiencing more love? Who needs to hear or know that you love them? What would it take to tell or show them?
  9. What is the most vulnerable thing you can say to your room/house/teammate(s)?
  10. Who do you feel most authentic spending time with? Who makes you feel most seen and understood? Who are your role models? What elders can you look to for guidance?
  11. What are you most grateful for in this moment? How can you show it?
  12. What is enough for you? How does that compare with what your family/community thinks you need to earn, in order to afford a lifestyle that they think will make them feel secure and happy? What does "enough" look like in the era of climate change? What do you value that doesn’t cost money?
  13. What would you do with your time if you didn’t have to worry about money?
  14. What are your assumptions and stories about being wealthy, successful, famous?
  15. What is the most inspiring vision for your life five years from now? What does your perfect day look like? What are your wildest dreams for yourself, the world, your family?
  16. How would you live your life if the future of the planet depended on your behavior?
  17. What are your true gifts? What do you love about yourself? What did you love to do as a child?
  18. When do you feel most alive? What creative outlets bring you into a flow state? What have been the moments of highest inspiration in your life? PAUSE FOR A BREAK!
  19. What are you most concerned about in the world?
  20. What would you study if the expectations of family and society didn’t matter?
  21. If you could download skills/knowledge on demand like Neo in the Matrix, what are some things you would want today?
  22. What are your addictions? How do you feel about that? What is the pain they are numbing?
  23. What lies are you living?
  24. What are you most afraid of? What aspects of life would you prefer to never touch in your lifetime?
  25. What fantasies do you have?
  26. What do you think are your limitations?
  27. What is your body telling you these days?
  28. What prenatal, birth, childhood, ancestral, and collective trauma do you carry? How does it show up in your life?
  29. Who are/were your great grandparents? What was their culture? What happened to change their culture?
  30. Who were the traditional stewards of the land you are on? What was their culture? What happened to them? What is the state of their people?
  31. What unconscious biases do you hold? Where does racism, classism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia, lookism, ageism, etc live inside of you?
  32. What are your values? Where are you living out of alignment with those values? How do you make choices?
  33. What do you need in order to thrive?
  34. Where can you bring your unique leadership and creativity forward in these uncertain times?
  35. What other questions are you authentically asking? How can you explore them more deeply?
  36. What did you learn from these questions?


Next Steps

Suggestions for engaging others in the game, deepening into the questions, and integrating them into life.

  • Now that you know yourself a little better, make a plan for taking the next steps towards creating a life you love! Wait at least two weeks before making any major decisions ;)
  • Share feedback on your experience (all correspondence will be kept confidential). What questions would you like to add?
  • Share responses on social media
  • Start a book club based on the resources below
  • Craft a learning journey based on the questions you are authentically asking
  • Host an event to answer questions in community
  • Make the toughest question your phone background
  • Ask a professor, manager, advisor or mentor for support
  • Make a copy and give to strangers
  • Share with friends
  • Discuss these questions with friends, teams, clubs
  • Schedule a calendar invite for six months or one year from now to revisit the questions


Examples of content and tools related to Personal & Collective Transformation that could be supportive in living into the 36 questions. List will be expanded, annotated, categorized. Requests and contributions are welcomed.

Got questions and want support? Feedback on the experience? Email andrewmurraydunn@gmail.com