How To Interact with Me

How To Interact with Me

Preferred Communication Methods

Shifting from Messenger back towards SMS, WhatsApp and Signal

I enjoy sending and receiving voice notes. If you send me one, please try to send all the audio in one message (most platforms other than Messenger allow > 60 seconds), but keep it under 3 minutes! I will try to do the same.

Annotate with text so I know what the voice note is about and can discern how/when to experience it

If you are writing a long message, please consider using line breaks!

On Responsiveness:

Please forgive me if it sometimes takes days to respond. I am working on finding more balance in my life with communication tools. If it’s time sensitive, always feel free to send a followup message or call. Most days I don't check messages before 12pm or after 9pm.


Legal + Digital Profiles: Andrew Murray Dunn

Given Hebrew Name: Avraham Chuna

Psychedelic Jewish name: Avra

Genderfluid experimental name: Ava Rose

Additional nicknames: AD, Dunn, Andy

Andrew is the name I’m primarily using in this season of my life. Generally you may call me any name you’d like based on what feels most natural :)

Digital Profiles and Behavior


2023: Berkeley

2022: Oakland, Shasta, Puerto Rico, NYC, Israel/Palestine, Bay

2021: Mt. Shasta, New York

2020: San Diego, Silver City New Mexico, and New York

2019: Oakland, nomadic

2014 - 2018: San Francisco, Oakland, nomadic

2013 - 2014: India, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia

2012 - 2013: NoLita, Hells Kitchen, Williamsburg (NYC) 2008 - 2012: Philadelphia, Milan

1991 - 2008: Westchester NY

1990 - 1991: West Village NYC