Path of The Humane Technologist

Path of The Humane Technologist

In March 2021 I published a blog post to spark conversation around an important meta-question, propose a personal development curriculum for technologists, and connect with those who are ready to jump into the mystery of this work.

There are endless critiques on technology / Silicon Valley / business world, and more recently some movements around ethical design and inclusion, but extremely little on developing technologists and founders as whole people capable of responsibly stewarding innovations and power in service of humanity and all life on Earth. I've been musing on this question throughout the winter and finally published a piece articulating the problem and proposing a curriculum (see image below), inspired by personal experiences trying to simultaneously build a wellness tech startup and work on myself. I'm inviting support on turning the essence of this inquiry into something effective and accessible, embodying the wisdom of this community and what is emerging.

DM me if interested in engaging with this content, whether as a student or collaborator! I'm also exploring a Community of Practice offering.


Winter Canvas