The Path of The Humane Technologist 101

ModuleSeeking to ExploreKey Themes
What are we doing? Why am I here? What is mine to do?
PurposeStorytellingThe New NormalValuesQuestioningAncestry
How are the socio-politcal dimensions of the business world, Silicon Valley, and Western culture relevant to this historical moment and my position in it?
SolidarityPeople's HistoryPowerUnlearning Silicon ValleyPositionalityDecolonizationAnti-RacismEquitySystems of OppressionPrivilegeCritical Theory
What are the different ways of knowing and being that can help guide me and my work?
IntegralEasternIndigenousSovereigntyMetamodernSystems ThinkingEthicsEpistemologySpirituality and ReligionSensemakinng
What are my blindspots and how can I work with them? What lessons have I yet to fully integrate?
Shadow WorkCognitive BiasesEgo TrapIntegrityAlignmentTruth & ReconciliationDevelopmental PsychologyPersonality Patterns
How can I cultivate healthier practices for mind, body and soul?
MindfulnessBalanceHabitsContemplative PracticesEmbodimentTrauma HealingMental HealthPlayCreativityExpression
How can I reconnect with, honor and learn from the wisdom of the natural world?
Nature ConnectionBiomimicryPermacultureRegenerationFundraisingRe-Enchantment
What are the opportunities to grow in my leadership capacities? How can I foster open and honest communication in my relationships?
Communication SkillsConflict ResolutionEmotional IntelligenceVulnerabilityEmpathy15 Commitments of Conscious LeadershipFacilitation
How can I support a thriving organizational culture?
CultureDiversity Equity InclusionPsychological SafetyResilience
What innovative models exist to better support my work?
GovernanceEntitySocial ImpactProcessFundraisingNew Economy
How can I embody all that I'm learning in myself, organization and creations?
Integration ToolsNarrativeAccountabilityImpact PlanCommunity of PracticeLifestyleTransformationLearning Journey
What is your personal and organizatonal roadmap to move forward in a path of balanced action?
Hippocratic OathClean Canvas