Gene Keys


My deepest Purpose in life is to manifest the Gift of Mindfulness.To realise my Purpose I need to transform the Shadow of Forgetting.LoveIn relationships my greatest challenge is to transform the Shadow of Self-Obsession into the Gift of Naturalness. The highest expression of my heart is Sanctity.ProsperityI unlock my prosperity through my Gift of Magnetism.I undermine my prosperity through the Shadow of Dullness.I thrive best in a position of leadership or influence.

My Life's Work - what Iā€™m here to do - Gene Key 27

Your life is about giving support and nurturance to others, but never at the expense of yourself. The first law for you to learn is how to provide for yourself. Once you have established your own security, you can afford to devote your energy to others. Without this service at the heart of your life, you will never feel a sense of real purpose. To be altruistic means that you have a real knack for investment, and this is something you can rely on. You will always sense who is ready to be helped and who is beyond help. Your intent to serve others must also be absolutely pure, rather than based on any need for recognition or personal vanity. It is better for you to be selfish than serve another for the wrong reason, because even if it looks as though you are doing a good thing, you are really feeding the victim consciousness in others and paying the price yourself.

My Evolution - what Iā€™m here to learn - Gene Key 28

This 28th Gene Key and its Shadow are an excellent barometer to gauge how deeply you accept and embrace your own life. Since the 28th Shadow and Gift concern our inner sense of purpose as well as our health and vitality, you know that when you feel drained and emotionally empty, it is because you have gone adrift and forgotten why you are here. You are here for the thrill of life, no matter what it brings you. When you become too self-obsessed, the 28th Shadow will remind you by making you question the purpose of your life. Conversely, when all is going smoothly, the 28th Gift will keep you totally absorbed with whatever is before you, thereby preventing you from worrying about the future.

My Radiance - what keeps me healthy - Gene Key 19

There is nothing as important to your health and well-being as your living environment. You have a profound sensitivity to places, houses, buildings ā€” even whole countries. If you feel any disturbance in your life, particularly in your sleep patterns, you are probably picking up on environmental conditions. Your sensitivity to such things affords you rare insights into the real issues beneath the surface of people's lives and relationships. For you to sleep the night in another person's home is enough to know everything about that person. Also of great importance for you is the right food. Your food creates the inner environment of your sensitivity, one of your great gifts in life ā€” so you have to find out precisely which foods sensitise you and which desensitise you.

My Purpose - what deeply fulfils me - Gene Key 33

There is a primary truth for you to digest ā€” you will not really know the purpose of your life until you are older. The only thing for you to do is live your Life's Work. The rest will be revealed to you progressively over the course of your life. You need to have a great store of patience. The early stages of your life are the experiential building blocks that much later in life will culminate in your discovering why you are here. Everything you do is steering you towards something, and this something will come as a great revelation later in life. Because of this, you must not be frustrated. In fact, rather the opposite ā€” knowing this, relax deeply into who you are and let go into the natural rhythm of your life. Like the river that eventually reaches the ocean, it will all make sense to you in the end. Until then, love every moment as richly as you can. Even though you are destined for victory, it is the journey itself that truly matters.