My Learning Journey

See Avra Chayim 5782: ReMembering Ethics and Eros 💨🕯 for more context on the learning I am prioritizing in 2021 and beyond (needs an update!)

As a lifelong learner, I am excited to continuously massage my short and long-term learning journey that can narrow the gap between where I'm at and where I need to be to live in a life-honoring way. I seek wholeness, embodiment, alignment, love.

2021 was the year I claimed the identity of writer, artist, and lifelong learner. Robbed of a good education growing up (designed instead of raised to actualize my human potential), I am endlessly curious and find learning to be joyful and synergistic with all other aspects of the wheel. Learning from both "the book and life." I'm celebrating that much of the learning I do is for its own sake, and that it often integrates into the professional work I'm doing in the world, sometimes down to the very project I'm being paid for. I recall being on the cusp of this prioritization of learning back in India in 2013, but wouldn't allow myself to dive in, because of intense guilt around needing to focus on my career

Some of the domains in process and on my radar include (I will add much more specificity shortly, including key questions):

  • Judaism
  • Ethics
  • Writing, Communication
  • Participatory Art, Water Colors
  • Hebrew Tantra, Sexological Bodywork
  • Decolonization, Anti-Racism
  • Coaching, Facilitation
  • Permaculture, Farming, Gardening
  • Peak Experience Integration
  • Birds
  • Music

Please feel free to share learning opportunities with me! Courses, reading, media, experiences.

Interested in crafting your own learning journey? I'm happy to support! See here.