Note: This has not been updated since fall 2020. I will aim to update soon.

In addition to my Offerings and Learning Journey, I'm involved in a number of projects in variety of capacities (creative, consulting, advising, investment, promotional, exploration). Here is what is currently in my field. Feel free to reach out if you feel particular resonance with anything below!

Current Focus

  • Writing a series of essays on topics I have unique experience and perspectives on
  • Prototyping personal growth experiences around Judaism
  • Networking with Wharton stakeholders around the evolution of the business school institution
  • Networking with stakeholders around the evolution of the fraternity institution conversation, including advising the chapter at my alma mater
  • Developing a browser extension for individual integration, as well as community enculturation and activation (DM if you want to try the prototype)


Dharma Gates - mindfulness for young adults

LookUp - youth mental health

MAPS - expanding psychedelic medicine

Resource Generation - equitable wealth distribution

HAPPI - mindful parenting

Yes! Jam - intergenerational changemakers

MAPLE - Monastic Academy

The Consilience Project - sensemaking media

Audobon Society - bird protection

Hylo - community tool

Chaikuni Institute - environmental justice

BOA Foundation / Aniwa - indigenous sovereignty and culture

+ sponsoring healing experiences and travel for activists, gifting experiments, participation in mutual aid network, and most invitations to support your GoFundMe


JumpScale - corporate wellness

SailCargo - clean shipping

Steward - regenerative agriculture

Imlakesh Organics - superfoods

Cosmic Cacao - plant medicine

Beckley PsyTech - psychedelic medicine

Maya Health - software for psychedelic practitioners

Quioveo - renewable energy access

Zebras Unite Co-op - ethical and inclusive startups

Phluid Project - gender neutral fashion

Neurohacker Collective - mental nutrition