PlayOS 🗺

PlayOS 🗺

Screenless operating system designed by U 💜

Put down your phone and pick up an OS whose goals are your highest goals on playa ✨ 


📒 What?

  • Foldable 8.5x11 map designed to clarify #intentions before, #align the experience during, and support #integration after. Compass, tuning fork, north star to help you return to center and find your way.
  • Personalized, interactive and screen-less #ritual artifact to engage with upon waking, pausing, and bouncing around playa. Your soul ID. The most important information to focus your attention on. An operating system more interesting than your phone 😘
  • Group activity to complete and share with camp, friends and strangers #SOULcialMedia #accountability
  • Precious momento to cherish foreva
  • Mini art project x gift from me to you!

Note: I will be updating the design and instructions throughout the week! But it’s in a solid place to use now. Feedback and design support welcomed

SIDE A: Intentions - What is this Burn about? How can I show up best? Your higher self knows, but your human self sometimes forgets 😌 


Side B: Integration - What do I want to remember? What did I learn about myself and the world from this experience? How do I want to design my life moving forward?


See personal example here.

⚙️ HOW?


Several options:

  • STANDARD - Download and Print PDF file and follow instructions below (home or at print shop)
    • Print extra copies to share with friends!
    • Print on glossy paper if available (glossy looks and feels good, slightly more durable)
  • CUSTOM - Canva Template - fill out or augment Side A digitally, and then print
    • You’ll need to make a Canva account
    • Consider customizing a template for your camp!
    • Share your completed OS with friends in advance
    • If you have to use a phone, and you have an Android device, download Auto Change Wallpaper to rotate the images on (and any other imagery that feeds you #SoulMedia) on homescreen and lockscreen
  • QUICK & DIRTY - take any size piece of paper, fold it in half, handwrite the section headers (in a pinch I default to Cover Page, Intentions, Help, Notes/Memories/Lessons)
  • LAST MINUTE - Find Andrew Dunn (Ava Rose) on playa at Milk & Honey 830 & E on Mon or Tues for a copy


  • Hold horizontally - Fold the below half under the top half
  • Fold the left section above the right, and then the middle above the right


  • See Prompts & Tips below


  • Review in morning, before bed, during a pause, before going on excursions, or whenever the mood strikes. Don't forget a pen!
  • Continue filling out Side A, and start adding to Side B
  • Show and tell to friends and strangers
  • Pull out when needing inspiration or support


🔥Burning Man Integration

📝 Prompts & Tips

Side A

  • Intentions & Dreams - what is this burn about? how do you want to be? what do you want to create? what growth edges are you exploring? new practices?
  • Schedule & Priorities - what and who matters most?
  • Help!! If lost, stuck, down or full on having a full-on BREAKDOWN - what do you need to remember at the moment you need it most? (break in case of emergency!)
    • Affirmations, breathing techniques, things that bring you joy, photos or acknowledgements from friends, symbols
    • Personal favorites:
      • What do you need? Are you tired? Hungry?
      • “How is the universe loving me right now?”
      • “Disruption is perfect for something. if everything that was happening right now were absolutely perfect, why would it be?”
  • Ways I Can Give - what are the different ways you can give to others, make their day?
  • ______________ - one section on each side is left blank for you to fill in whatever will be most supportive for you! Sentence stems. Overheard on playa. Questions I’m asking. New things to try. Affirmations. Inspirational quotes / lyrics. Vision board.

Side B

  • Magical Moments Diary - space to record the moments you will never forget but actually probably will
  • Notes - misc notes, ideas, poetry
  • Lessons - what insights are you taking away? what did you learn?
  • Commitments - what commitments do you want to make as you transition back into the world?
  • Next Burn - how do you want to show up next time?
  • ______________


  • Keep it simple! Only add the most important things
  • Get creative! Draw, paint, use different color pens/pencils, stickers
  • If you have intentions, giving ideas, affirmations, quotes, images or any other content you think might inspire and support others, feel free to add to this PlayOS Inspiration GDoc!
  • Make a ritual out of starting or completing it!
  • Consider hosting a Zoom or evening session to complete together
  • Consider journaling in notebook before adding to your PlayOS
  • Feel free to only print 8 pages (4 on each side) to maximize space per section
  • Remix the template to make it your own

More examples here!

🖨 Printing

If you DO have your own printer:

  1. Download file
  2. Open in Preview
  3. Select Two-Sided
  4. Under Orientation, toggle from Preview to Layout
    1. Select 6 Pages per Sheet
    2. Border = none
    3. Two-sided = Short Edge binding
  5. Print in color // There may be some variation in settings software and printer, which may require some trial and error. Please let me know if other settings work better!


If you DON’T have a printer

First, ask a friend who does to print some copies!

Second, if you need to go to a print shop, in my experience the store will not change the print settings, and I couldn’t figure out how to save print settings on a document, so my work around is:

  1. Download your pages as PNG files
  2. Create a new Canva file (select Brochure)
  3. Upload the individual PNG files
    1. Paste 6 on each of 2 pages
    2. Leave <1” of space in between screengrabs
    3. Lay out in 2 rows of 3 columns
  4. Save PDF
  5. Send file to print shop
    1. Optional: Print on glossy paper (glossy looks and feels good, seems to be more durable)
    2. Optional: print multiple copies
  6. Encourage: Consider how you can make the person at the print shop’s day!


I’m trying my best at this life thing. But lol it’s really hard! It’s so easy to forget the lessons I thought I learned, the values I aspire to practice, the activities and conditions that enable me to thrive.

I've been making these little operating systems for festivals, new projects, new seasons.. any context in which it could be helpful to slow down and explicate what I want, remind myself of that, and increase the chances that I learn something along the way.

Here are instructions I whipped up earlier this year to create a larger version, and some comments on the state of the project. There was a time I was offering workshops and coaching support around this concept. I am no longer doing that, but I’d love to hear about your experience with it, and would be happy to chat if you feel inspired to play develop this concept further!

At my first burn I thought I needed something tangible to give out, so I ordered some cheap plastic compasses that neither worked nor helped anybody find their way. This year I'm back with another navigation device, but it's homemade, and I hope might be more helpful 🙏🏼 *This is template is a gift. I have no interest or capacity to make money off of anything related to this right now. This page is connected to my personal website because I did not have time to setup a new site, and I’d like to be able to collect feedback to improve the experience next year.

2022 Debrief

  • Wow! It happened. I brought an original art piece to burning man. A contemplative tool to support burners in bringing more intentionality to their experience, and depth to their integration. It feels great to have contributed in this way.
  • #s - I printed and gave out 50 PlayOS’s, half to friends/fellow campers, half to strangers. A third following a deep drop in. I also shared this page with a number of people and groups beforehand, and heard that many printed out their own versions.
  • Next Steps - Contact me if you have feedback or would like to collaborate! I’m welcoming support on strategy, design, research, website, promotion, facilitation. I have a dream that one day PlayOS is included with ticket purchase, at least for every virgin. Some additional ways I see this existing on playa:
    • Available at Center Camp, Zendo, and other strategic locations
    • Easy instructions for any camp member to step into a facilitator role to share PlayOS on Mon, Tues, or Wed
    • Rolled up and tied with string, stuck in random locations to be discovered. Comes with a pen or pencil with words of wisdom written on it.