Burning Man Integration

Burning Man Integration

After the ecstacy, the laundry.” - Jack Kornfield

Decompression, integration, transitioning back to the default world.. whatever you call this process, I hope to support you in moving forward in the grand playa of life.

You probably know the basics - nourish your body, slowly ease back into screens, make time for creative expression, meditate and journal…

At the core, I believe integration is about creating time and space to reconnect with the experience. Bring the memories to mind. Reflect on something that triggered you. Listen to the music that moved your hips, call the friends you wandered the desert with at dawn, gather with campmates to share special moments and what you’ll do differently next burn.

I like to spend some time bubbling up some key highlights/themes/questions to bring into conversations, writing, therapy and coaching. I’ve compiled some of my favorite questions to share 😇

Here is a 30 minute guided audio flow of integration prompts:

To play on mobile, you’ll need to download the Autopilot app.

Questions listed here as well.

Find yourself a calm space, take some deep breaths, throw on some music, and connect with the energy of Burning Man. Sights and smells, emotions and sensations, why you came. You will hear about ten prompts, and have three minutes to respond to each. Feel free to journal, voice record, or simply meditate on each prompt. You can always press pause or fast forward to the next question if desired.

Show up next time more of yourself!


Additional Integration Activities

And finally, one of my favorite frames for the journey of life: