Myx Map

Myx Map

We’re all trying our best at this life thing. But lol it’s really hard! It’s so easy to forget the lessons we thought we’ve learned, the values we aspire to practice, the activities and conditions that enable us to thrive…

The Life Map is a physical and digital expression of what is most important to you. A pocket sized foldable artifact to guide your attention back to what matters most. A context to regularly slow down, unplug, reflect and recalibrate. Something more valuable to spend time with than your phone! A precious memento that captures what is authentic for you in this phase of your life.


Maps can be made for many contexts

  • A new cycle (term, season, month, year)
  • A special event (trip, festival)
  • A new project or relationship See PDF to download and print template (double sided). See Myx Map Template on Canva to customize your own version See examples of Andrew’s Life Maps

Time between terms creates a great opportunity to reflect on the past and set intentions for the future.

SIDE A: What was this last term about? SIDE B: What do I want for next term?


Prompts for SIDE A (reflection)

  • Myx Map: This is your cover page. Consider including your name, words and symbols that represent this term, colors that feel good.
  • Lessons: What did you learn about yourself this term? About others? About the world? About life? What insights are you taking away? Quotes?
  • Memories: What were some moments of highest excitement? What don’t you want to forget?
  • Questions: What questions are on your mind as the term concludes? What are you questioning in life? What choices do you feel uncertain about having made? What are you curious about exploring more deeply?

Prompts for Side B Prompts (intention)

  • Goals: What do you want for your next term? What do you need to say No to? How do you want to show up differently? (The best goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-based)
  • Habits: What do you want to commit to practicing next term? Mental health, physical health, social connection, focus, etc. Who might hold you accountable?
  • Notes: (space to take notes on anything)
  • Blank: Choose your own adventure! More notes, flash cards, inspiring song lyrics, what would make your best day ever, questions to make deeper conversation, emergency info if phone dies or gets lost, ways to give, what to remember when you feel stuck or down


  • Keep it simple! Only add the most important things
  • Get creative! Draw, paint, use different color pens/pencils, stickers
  • Make a plan for where to keep your map and when to review it
  • Continue adding to it
  • Show and tell to friends, family, strangers!
  • Create another map at the end of your next term
  • See slide decks from Innovation & Collaboration class for inspiration