I've been prototyping several personal growth exercises that are relatively self-service:

Social Yoga

What if you woke up tomorrow and spent the day trying to create the most love, joy and magic in the world?

I had been flirting with this idea for awhile and decided to go for it in September 2020. Since then I've practiced this with a focus on strangers, focus on nature, focus on my body. As well as solo and with a group. See write-ups of two of those experiences:

Start exercising here (coming soon).

36 Questions To Fall In Love [With Your Life]

Twist on the famous 36 Questions That Lead To Love. What are some of the most important questions we can be asking of ourselves in these times? How can we ritualize a practice of continuously revisiting them and sharing with others?

Start questioning:

36 Questions To Fall In Love [With Your Life]

Learning Journey

I believe each of us has a gap between what we know now, and what we need to know in order to create and live in a more impactful/life-honoring/good way. Let’s call this gap “the Learning Journey that awaits” and take closing it seriously + playfully!

Start your journey here!

📚Learning Journey

Alignment Plan

Alignment Planning is a tool to help teams create more alignment between all aspects of their product/service, organizational culture, and personal lifestyles.

It is designed to reveal what is out of alignment, craft a plan to realign, and create ritual for continuous refinement. An inner compass that also serves as an outer magnet for the standard of stakeholders you wish to attract.

Consider it an operating system for integrating the things that matter most into the day to day operations, in service of cultivating greater personal and organizational wholeness and effectiveness. Start aligning here.

Peak Experience Integration

Integration as a general definition means “bringing parts together to make a whole." It's a process in which one integrates the insights of their experience into their life. It is said that integration is the majority of the experience, though it's extremely challenging to prioritize when one goes back to their daily grooves.

I've created a one hour guided audio flow to support the process.

Start integrating here.

Idea Stage Questions

You have an idea you are falling in love with. What does it want to become? Are you the right person? Is this the right time? How to take the next steps?

I've outlined 10 Key Questions that can be supportive to founders at the idea stage, when every choice has a major influence on what becomes.

Start answering here!

💡Idea Stage Startup Questions