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I work with idea to early stage founders and high achieving professionals who aim to bring their gifts into the world in a more ethical way. Drawing on a diversity of life experiences, I weave together different ways of knowing and being to support the individual/organization/product's journey into greater wholeness.

I have a lot to give. I haven’t written a book or developed a 10 step framework, nor am I a certified coach or educator. Working with me is part coaching, consulting, mentorship, therapy, advisory, friendship, partnership. I meet people where they are at in a customized, experiential, emotional and embodied way. Highly gripped to the reality of one's world in this moment.


I’m a bridge between worlds, valuing balance, alignment, embodiment, integrity, integration, creativity, slowness. Throughout my journey I have cultivated a powerful network practitioners, experts and investors to support unique needs of those interested in ecological, social and spiritual regeneration. Ideal engagements are with individuals and teams that are idea to early stage (pre-Series A), mission-driven, and consumer facing. With an openness to receiving less traditional forms of support, and willingness to be changed and question core assumptions. Bonus points for pre-existing relationship and ability to meet in person!

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☀️ Coaching


Humane/Ethical/Mindful Product Design

Innovation Brainstorming

Organizational Development & Culture

Ethical Business Alignment

Thought Leadership

Community Building

Business Strategy & Operations


Learning Journey


Personal Wellness

Purpose and Career Transitions


Digital Wellness

Inner & Outer Travel Agency

Integrating Peak Experiences

Financial Alignment

Sexuality, Gender & Relationships

Bro Transformation

Spirituality & Religion

🐣 Vision Doula

A doula provides physical and emotional support during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. The birthing analogy is apt for founders bringing an idea into the world, from abstract thoughts into form with a life of its own. Having danced with dozens of ideas of my own (from never leaving the napkin, to $1M in funding), I've learned some things about how to nurture these babies in the sensitive earliest stage, when each choice has a significant influence on what unfolds.

Together let's explore:

  • Questions to get started
  • How your baby may best fit with your lifestyle dreams, needs and boundaries
  • Ethical considerations
  • Options and next steps for moving forward

📚 Learning Journey

I believe each of us has a gap between what we know now, and what we need to know in order to create and live in a more impactful/life-honoring/good way. Let’s call this gap “the Learning Journey that awaits” and take closing it seriously + playfully!

Having embarked on several Learning Journeys over the last few years, I’m feeling inspired to support others in crafting their own. Together let’s explore:

  • The big questions you are actually asking
  • Blind spots and unlearning you’ve been hesitant to engage
  • Inner work to prioritize investing in
  • Shorter term content/classes/trainings/experiences/practices to support professional goals
  • Longer term planning to support life goals

Interested in crafting your own learning journey? I'm happy to support! See here.

🙏 Alignment Plan

It's 2021. Do you know where your business is going? I believe the game is changing from "big money" and even "big impact" to "right relationship." Meaning more alignment between one's values and visions for a more beautiful world, embodied through all dimensions of product, organization, and lifestyle. That playbook doesn't exist. The role models are few and far between. We get to embark on a journey to re-imagine how our creations can fit more harmoniously into the web of life. Inspired by JumpScale's Good Well Clean philosophy, Alignment Planning may include:

  • Identifying aspects of product, org, and culture that are out of balance and alignment
  • Crafting custom Learning Journeys to support re-alignment
  • Articulating and sharing Alignment Plan (e.g. Maya Health and North Star Ethics Pledge)
  • Implementing Alignment Plan

Ethics Evaluation

The next generation of great organizations will have ethics integrated at the core. It's never too late to take inventory of where you're at and we're you are going. A small but meaningful investment in risk management, founder wellbeing, and integrity to mission, vision and values.

Together let's:

  • Identify areas of concern, misalignment, and struggle that might not otherwise be voice
  • Audit product and roadmap for potential unintended consequences, dark patterns, low hanging fruit for building trust and impact
  • Audit messaging (website / marketing / product) communications for language that could be more accessible, inclusive, values oriented
  • Audit strategy to evaluate potential risks and impact opportunities

✒️ Thought Leadership

I believe each of us has access to a powerful voice that can be of service to our communities and the collective conversation. Writing has become one of my core spiritual practices, helping me integrate past experiences and push edges of understanding around topics that matter to me. Together let's explore:

  • Telling your personal story
  • Identifying unique and valuable insights for your audience
  • Developing a content strategy

See some of my writing here for examples of how I have brought my voice forward.

🏞 Personal & Corporate Retreats

About that time to take a break and reflect on all the things? I enjoyed facilitating a couple of personal retreats for friends and clients, and am excited to prototype a number of experiences with those who sense the value and are willing to play.

WHO: Professionals | Founders | Friends

WHAT: Wellness | Purpose | Lifestyle | The Big Q’s | Leadership | Ethics

WHEN: September | October | November

WHERE: New York region

WHY: Wholeness | Transitions | Growth | Healing | Integration

HOW: Stillness | Nature | Play | Learning | Alignment | Embodiment

DM me to explore! I have a lot to give. It brings me great joy to connect people and orgs with what they are looking for. Especially those who have been on this journey of life with me.

🙇🏻 Path of the Humane Technologist

We don't get humane technology without humane technologists. What's on the curriculum? In March 2021 I published a blog post to spark conversation around this important meta-question, proposed a personal development curriculum for technologists, and started connecting with those who are ready to jump into the mystery of this work. If you would like to participate in an upcoming course, or would like to run through the experience privately (or for a team), please DM me! More information:

Path of The Humane Technologist

About Andrew

Andrew serves as a mentor at the intersections of technology, business, education and personal development. He holds five years of cultivating deep expertise and network in designing technology that is aligned with our wellbeing, primarily through stewarding Siempo: a social enterprise that built open-source tools to support mental health.

Andrew holds a large amount of knowledge that is not necessarily credentialed. Some relevant highlights:


5 years experience pioneering humane tech

Led Siempo team raising $1M+. Advised by Tristan Harris. App of The Year by Good Morning America.

Co-founded Digital Wellness Collective industry trade association

Employee #15 at Flexport ($3B+)

Supported launch of One Nation political party & policy research center

Speaker at Wharton, Nexus, TransTech Academy, A Mindful Society, Family Office Association, Keep Families Giving

Writer of dozens of articles on Medium and several journals

Studied Economics at UPenn’s Wharton School with concentrations in Entrepreneurship & Operations


5 years investing in personal development and transformation

Experience with variety of healing modalities including meditation, nature connection, plant medicine, community living

Experienced intense initiations around gender and sexuality, financial management, family dynamics, purpose

Studied at Luminous Awareness Institute (awakening & leadership), ReMembering For Life (decolonization & eco-theology), Wilderness Torah, Backyard Permaculture Design, Startup Institute (marketing)

Superconnector + bridge weaver

Visited 50+ countries

Informal mentorship for many


"I worked with Andrew during the early stages of my humane tech company. Andrew helped me go from feeling overwhelmed to confident and focused in one session. His insights about creating humane products transformed my business strategy and saved me countless hours of research. His authenticity and all-win perspective also inspired me to integrate my values into my business instead of simply chasing profits."

-Ty, Software Developer

"Dunn has an uncanny ability to listen and make you truly feel heard in ways almost nobody can. His lived experiences from traversing the inner depths of mind, body, and soul and his professional endeavors leading organizations make him unique in helping you advance as a human being." - Arian, Founder & former Facebook Employee

Two words. Life changing. Andrew is extremely intelligent and caring; an incredible friend, guide, and teacher. He led me through a healing 5-day retreat experience in Mount Shasta, an integration period where we meditated, prayed, journaled, hiked, cold plunged, and discussed personal topics in depth. I was able to reflect on all aspects of my life and make major positive changes in my day to day, as well as in my relationships with friends, family, and myself. I highly recommend planning a retreat to anyone who is looking to dive deeper within themselves!”

- Katie, Musician

"Andrew has been a recurring inspiration for me over the years in how he role models a more holistic approach to business and life. As a founder I've found our sessions together super supportive in helping me cultivate more balance and intentional living. He holds a wealth of wisdom at the intersection of tech and wellness as well a high caliber network of experts from diverse disciplines."

-AJ, Founder

OUR RETREAT WAS SO AWESOME AND FUN! I feel incredibly lucky and grateful to have this unique experience available in my life. I couldn’t get this anywhere else - not a retreat center, not a life coaching session, not a therapist. I felt held, understood, and invested in.” -Naomi, Solar Analyst

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